About Us

It all started in 2006, in a small town in Alberta, the owner of what is now Island Escape, took over a candle company that was closing, and started her long love of chemistry, and creating! . Making candles left and right, she honed in on favourites, and quality fragrances.  Now with more products under her belt, including cold process soap, bath bombs, and a plethora of others, she still continues to grow! Now based in Newfoundland with a storefront in Burin!

Skip forward to 2019… and on comes the brand new expansion!! Since Nicole has been working with quality distributors of Fragrance oils for many years, and has first hand knowledge, her family have never substituted quality for price, and that will never change! She decided this year, since many people had expressed interest, to open up and become a distributor of all of the fine fragrance oils that we have come to love over the years!! She can now pass our knowledge, and years of testing on to her customers!