Status Update on Preorders

Preorder That Ended October 31st:

All Supplier orders were placed on the 1st of November, we have two supplier orders here already, and 3 making their way to the border!

UPDATE: We now have all supplier orders and have started pouring!!

Preorder That Ended October 17th:

We have all supplier orders placed. We have received one of the 6 supplier orders, 3 more have crossed the border and should be here Wednesday, and 2 are very close to crossing!

UPDATE:  We have received ALL of the supplier orders, and we have over half of this preorder out! Pouring the remaining orders now!



We pour the orders in segments when each order arrives to be able to speed up, and process the final order quickly! We appreciate that everyone is excited to get their oils, and we are too! But alas, we do have to have patience, and we hope that you can as well. We are working hard to get everything to you as quickly as we can during this Covid-19 craziness

Due to Covid 19 transit times also may take longer than expected. These delays are due to volume and safety precautions taken by the Carriers to reduce the risk of exposure. Please have patience, they are doing their best.

Thank you so much for your understanding in these crazy times! We are absolutely thrilled to be open, and serving you, and that will continue. We just may have a few delays in shipping. We hope this finds you well, and that you are keeping safe!! Have an amazing day everyone, from all of us at Island Escape!


Island Escape Fragrances Staff