Preorder FAQ

Every two weeks we run a preorder. We order from several large fragrance oil companies in the USA. All orders with prebuy (shown as backordered) items will be placed the day after the Preorder ends. They take approximately 7-10 days to get to us after the supplier has shipped them. We then bottle, package, and ship the orders out to you!

If you are looking for the fastest shipping to you, please choose Purolator, as they are currently the quickest shipping option. If you are an international customer, please choose Aramex, or DHL for your quickest shipping options.

For example, you place the order July 15th, and the preorder is closing on the 18th. All orders will be placed with our suppliers on the 19th. We then wait for the orders to get to us. We pour all of your order, and package it up, and then ship it with the carrier you chose on your order. IF for some reason we can ship it for the same price through a courier, for less days in transit, we will do that. This isn’t always an option. But we do our best to get the oils to you the quickest possible way.